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Quickly transform your plain text files into PDF with our online text to PDF converter. Simply drag-and-drop the file and leave the rest to its advanced capabilities.


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A Brief Overview of Our Text to PDF Converter

The text to PDF converter by Imagetotexttools.com is the ultimate solution for seamless document transformation. The tool allows its users to effortlessly transform plain text files into professional PDF documents with just a few clicks. With this utility, get ready to say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to a user-friendly interface that streamlines the entire conversion process.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or just someone seeking simplicity in document management, our text to PDF converter is your go-to tool. Start effortless conversion today and experience the convenience of turning your words into polished, shareable PDFs.

How to Transform Plain Text to PDF Format?

It has always been a challenge to convert plain text to PDF format without altering the formatting and quality. But our text to PDF converter has proven to be a game changer in the handling of such tasks. With our tool, you will only have to perform the following steps:

  • Upload the Text file in the given field by either typing or submitting the text file.
  • Click the ‘Convert’ button.
  • As soon as you process the input, our tool will give you the ‘Download PDF File’ button. Tap on that to save the plain text in PDF format.
  • If you wish to make any changes before finalizing, click on the ‘Reset’ button.

Why Should You Prefer Our Text to PDF Converter?

The Internet intends to simplify the convoluted and time-consuming tasks. Therefore, you will find a plethora of options for transforming the data created in plain text to a portable document format. But our tool stands tall among others due to its unique set of features. The following points highlight some of those distinctive characteristics:


Completely Free

The text to PDF converter by Imagetotexttools.com is not here to be a burden on your wallet. The entire functionality of this utility is accessible at no cost. Therefore, this economical utility is ideal for students or financially constrained people.


No Installation or Sign Up Required

This conversion utility is available as a web application. Therefore, you don’t need to install it and register yourself with this tool in order to enjoy its features. All you need is a browser operating on advanced web technologies. If you have that, you can get started with this tool right away.


Multiple Data Entering Options

At Imagetotexttools.com, we prioritize user convenience. Therefore, you will find multiple options for entering data into our text to PDF converter. Whether you want to upload a complete ‘.txt’ file or manually type the data, this web utility allows both types of inputs.


Instant Text to PDF Conversion

This web utility operates on algorithms. Therefore, its conversion time is not dependent on the input’s length. Instead, it only takes a few seconds to convert plain text of any length to the PDF format.


No Word Count Restriction

The text to PDF converter by Imagetotexttools.com doesn’t offer any word count limitations to its users. Whether users want to process plain text consisting of one or hundreds of pages, the power of this tool allows it to precisely handle both types of conversions.


Format Preservation

This web utility performs lossless conversion. It preserves the formatting of the input while transforming it into a portable document format. Therefore, with our tool, you won’t have to worry about losing the formatting while converting your plain text to PDF format.


Intuitive User Interface

Our text to PDF converter intends to eliminate the complexities involved in the entire format transformation process. It boasts a user-friendly interface. Therefore, anyone can get started with this tool without requiring any proper training.


Complete Data Safety

At Imagetotexttools.com, we have implemented premier encryption technologies to keep your data completely safe. When you load the web page of this utility again, the contents of your previous session will automatically be erased. Therefore, we do not store your data on our servers.

Who Can Make Use of the Text-to-PDF Capabilities
of Imagetotexttoolss.com?

Anyone who wants to share their textual data without worrying about format modification can use our text to PDF converter. The following points highlight some of the most common users of our tool:



Teachers often instruct students to submit their assignments in hard copy. But converting the digitally-typed documents to the hard form ruins the formatting. In order to prevent situations like these, students can take assistance from our tool.

With this web utility, students can quickly transform their assignments written in plain text form to PDF format. Later, they can take the printout of the converted PDF file to prevent issues like format loss.



eBook publishers instruct writers to transform their plain or raw text files to a lossless format before publication. But when writers do not know any reliable tool, the entire situation becomes challenging for them. This is where our text to PDF converter will come in handy.

Writers can take assistance from our tool to quickly transform their eBooks written in raw textual format to PDF form without running formatting or quality. This way, they can fulfill the requirements of publishers and move on.


Business Professionals

Sometimes, corporate professionals have to apply password protection to secure the data created in the raw text format. However, since plain text files have no security features, this situation can be a bit challenging. Fortunately, our tool is here to save the day.

With this web utility, business professionals can convert their plain textual data to PDF format without ruining the quality and formatting. Later, they can apply password protection to the PDF file and share it without worrying about security issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Handling multilingual data is not an issue for our tool. The advanced capabilities of this web utility enable it to convert a Text file containing multilingual content to PDF format.

At imagetotexttools.com, the safety of your data is our priority. Therefore, our tool does not save or share the uploaded images.

At imagetotexttools.com, the safety of your data is our priority. Therefore, our tool does not save or share the uploaded images.

At imagetotexttools.com, the safety of your data is our priority. Therefore, our tool does not save or share the uploaded images.