About Us

Imagetotexttools.com gives users an easy way to change their visual data into textual content. This facility is mainly designed to assist users in extracting text from images without writing the entire text from scratch.

Mission Statement

We at imagetotexttools.com aim to support users in extracting the textual content from any image in a few seconds. Our developers strive hard to give our users an effortless way to convert any image into a text file. This utility enables users to retrieve any textual content from an image without losing or missing any data. The sole purpose of imagetotexttools.com is to make the text extraction process immensely easy, fast, and reliable for everyone.

Core Values



Imagetotexttools.com gives 100% reliable and accurate results that help users enhance their productivity and save their efforts and time.



Our professionals use modern AI technology to develop this advanced tool that allows you to witness the innovation in technology and get maximum benefit through it.



Our primary responsibility is to give our users the ease of changing their images into text files. The friendly interface and easy-to-follow instructions will help users extract text from their pictures without facing any hassle.


Our Vision

We aim to offer our valued users a free and powerful platform to handle their content-relevant needs and swiftly draw text from an image.

Our vision is to:


Upload the picture through local device storage or directly from the web.


Tap on the ‘Submit’ button.


Wait for our tool’s progress bar to complete the process.


Save the output using any of the provided options.