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About Our PDF to Text Tool

Our PDF to text tool is a web-based utility that allows users to convert their non-editable PDF files into editable text files. PDF are undeniably massively used file format for sharing information. However, editing is something that is challenging with PDFs. That’s where our free PDF to Text tool comes to the rescue. With this online utility, you can easily change your PDF files into text files, which allows you to make changes in the content as per your requirements.

How to Use It?

The process of converting PDF to text is immensely easy and simple. By following the straightforward steps shared below, you can easily convert PDF files into text.

  • Click on the Upload button to submit the PDF file you desire to convert.
  • Tap on the Convert to Text button to start the PDF to Text conversion.
  • This facility will process your input and transform the PDF into an editable text file in no time.
  • Press the Download button to fetch the converted text file on your device.

Primary Features of Our PDF to Text

Our AI PDF to text tool has some incredible features that make it the ideal tool for changing any PDF file into modifiable text files. Some of the key features of this online PDF to text converter are shared below.


Free to Use

Unlike the majority of other PDF converters, this web-based tool doesn’t ask for any premium membership from its users. Yes! This PDF to Text tool allows you to convert your PDF files to Text file format without paying a single penny. Besides, you also don’t need to sign up or install any application to transform your PDFs into text files with this free tool.


Unlimited Conversion

Do you want to convert plenty of PDFs into editable text files? Don’t worry! This web-based tool gives you an opportunity to change as many PDF files into Text file format as you desire effortlessly. You won’t face any restrictions from this tool while converting PDFs into Text files.


Flawless Results

The advanced PDF to Text tool uses AI algorithms and OCR technology to extract textual content from a PDF file and provides you with an editable text file. The quality and formatting of the textual information in PDF will remain unchanged, and you will get the same appearance in the resulting text file.


Supports All Platforms

Our free PDF to Text utility is compatible with all devices and platforms. This gives you the freedom to access this PDF converter from any device without any hassle. Our utility supports laptops, computers, and smartphones, giving you an easy way to change PDFs to Text files without acquiring any particular device. Moreover, you can use this web-based PDF to Text tool on Android, IOS, and Windows and change countless PDF files to Text format.


Data Security

The AI powered PDF to Text tool offers you the safest and most reliable way to convert your PDF files to editable Text files. This PDF tool doesn’t store, view, or share your uploaded files with any third party. In addition, the PDF file you upload for converting into text files will also be deleted from the servers once you get the conversion results. We also guarantee you that the advanced backend algorithms are capable of controlling any unauthorized attempt to access your confidential data. So, you don’t need to worry about the security of your personal data while using this Text tool.

Major Beneficiaries of Our PDF to Text Tool

The PDF to Txt file converter is a highly valuable and advanced tool that helps people from different sectors and professions manage and share data. Below are some of the most prominent beneficiaries of this online PDF to Text tool.



Students are always advised to share their assignments in PDF files. But what if they need to make changes to the PDF file? Editing PDF files is undeniably a laborious task, especially if you don’t have paid tools on your side. Our online PDF to Text tool gives students an easy way to convert their PDF files into changeable Text files, make desired changes in their written assignments, and submit them to their teachers or share them with their mates.



Teachers receive hundreds of assignments submitted by their students in PDF files. However, the problem arises when they want to add a comment to any file and share it with students. Our free online PDF to Text converter gives them an opportunity to convert any PDF file into editable text to add any text in the file.



Researchers need to explore the web to find information relevant to their assigned topics. The data they get from the internet is mostly in PDF files. To extract that information, they may have to rewrite the entire piece of text from scratch. This practice will surely consume extensive time and effort. That’s where our free online PDF to Text converter helps them. With this tool, they can easily overcome this hurdle and make text modifiable efficiently.


Business Professionals

Business professionals are often required to create agreements, proposals, and marketing content. Our PDF to text converter allows them to edit any previously created proposal or agreement available in PDF form. This will save them from making efforts from the start and enable them to complete the task in a short span.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our online PDF to Text converter has no limits for its users. You can convert unlimited PDF files to Text format without facing any interruption.

At imagetotexttools.com, the safety of your data is our priority. Therefore, our tool does not save or share the uploaded images.

At imagetotexttools.com, the safety of your data is our priority. Therefore, our tool does not save or share the uploaded images.